Meet the Musical Duo, Lipp

Meet the Musical Duo, Lipp

"ur rhythm" by Lipp was released in late October, and since then it has racked up over 45,000 plays on Soundcloud, a number surprising to the duo who recorded the song at home without any expectations of success. It was written before the duo even had a name. "ur rhythm" is mesmerizing from start to finish, featuring ethereal pads, chopped up female vocals, melodic guitar riffs, and a bass drop that never fails to make me move. It has all the good things about modern electro-pop with a hint of Coldplay. Like the name suggests, the song is deliciously rhythmic. If you haven't heard "ur rhythm" yet, stop what you're doing and listen...

Who is Lipp?

Lipp is an electro-pop duo from Henderson, Nevada, made up of multi-instrumentalist Aaron Gorman and vocalist Jackie Gamboa. When they're not making music together, the pair is likely to be working out or watching Netflix. That's actually where they got the idea for the name Lipp. One night, after coming up with a list of 20 names that didn't feel right, the two of them were sitting on the couch. Jackie had just finished watching an episode of Shameless, and it gave her an idea:

"What if we named ourselves after Lip?" she asked jokingly.
"Yeah, that's pretty cool!" Aaron replied.

The name stuck, but they ended up adding an extra P to make it more unique. Oh, did I mention that Aaron and Jackie have been dating for two years? Maybe that explains the synergy of the music.

Inspiration to Production

Believe it or not, "ur rhythm" was inspired by Willow Smith. The duo says that "her lyrics are fresh, interesting, and kind of weird." They say that "ur rhythm" is about the power of love to connect people to each other and to the universe. The message is clear in the lyrics, but the rhythm of the song also echoes this connection.

"We can take this ride together, and we can feel like this forever."

"ur rhythm" started with a simple ambient pad, then the duo sat down at the piano to write vocals. After recording their ideas, they chopped up the vocal line to create a new hook. Aaron admits that the guitar riff pretty much wrote itself. Their friend Isaac Lee, a music producer who rarely stops working in Logic Pro, added some finishing touches (like the drop) before mixing and mastering the song. The result is a fresh mixture of organic and electronic elements. "We will definitely be working with him more in the future," the duo says.

Follow Their Journey

In response to the success of their first single, Lipp is currently working on more songs. They don't want to lose momentum, so keep up with them on social media using the links below, and make sure you share the song if you love it as much as I do.

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